About Me

Hello Everyone!!!

I am so excited you have come here for a read of my very first blog!!

So, lets start off with my name.. Hi I am Ashleigh.
I was born in Hamilton in the mighty Waikato, situated in the North Island of New Zealand a mere 26 years ago, (well almost 26 years.. April Fools day is my birthday <–and no that is not a joke). We are currently living a long way from home (well in my opinion anyway) in the city of Christchurch.

Ever since I was a child I have loved books, all kinds of books. I remember that in primary school I used to get encyclopedias out from the school library, absorbing as much information as I could.. It wasn’t until i was about 10 or 11 that I really fell in love with novels. I remember the first novel I read, and it just ripped my heart out. I hadn’t realized that reading a book could induce such emotions from me. That novel, the one that started it all was ‘A Walk To Remember’ by Nicholas Sparks. To this day I still absolutely love this book.
From that book on, I have been an avid reader… Consuming as many books as I can. Through high school I was really into romance and fantasy. Now I will read pretty much anything but have a major love for anything even slightly Romance.

The one person I believe I have got my love for reading from is my Nana.. She has a huge book collection, and a book is never far from her reach. Constantly being around books and having people read to me as a young child, my Nana being a major contributor. I also love that my young daughter also loves to read, I often find her on her bed surrounded by books. I really hope that it continues.

As well as reading I also love to bake and cook (especially baking.. mmm now I want fresh cookies).. After a year off when I finished high school I decided to train to be a chef.. I really enjoyed for a while, but didn’t enjoy the constant pressure of being a chef (give praise to all the restaurant chefs out there, they need some tough skin to survive). As my day job now I am still in the hospitality industry but front of house as a Barista, I really enjoy it. I still love to bake. and do it as often as possible (which my fiance and daughter love)

So i suppose that is all for now.. Give anyone who has read all this rambling a round of applause. I look forward to using this blog not only to share my thoughts and feelings on my current reads but also interacting with other book-lovers.

Thanks for reading !!